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2015 XtremeTop Box WODs

Complete Workouts Released: 2015 Xtreme Top Box Throwdown
Day 1 WODs: Super Teams:

Event 1A:
1RM Clean ladder build + Max Over Bar Burpees with remaining time
• Team will consist of 3 males + 3 females of the team's choice (not any team members from 1B)
• There will be 2 athletes moving at the same time ascending the ladder until they reach their max weight, 1 male, 1 female
• 1 male/1 female will complete 5 minutes then next M/F pair will begin their 5 minutes, etc, total station time 15 minutes
• Score will be combined team max weight + burpees

Event 1B:
1RM Clean & Jerk
Bars will be set up in a ladder format - Athletes DO NOT have to lift every bar in ladder to reach 1 Rep Max.
• Team picks which 2 M/F they want to do Event 1B and the remaining 3M/F do 1A
• Team will consist of 2 males + 2 females of the team's choice

CrossFit Competition South Florida

SPECIAL OFFER - Register a full Super Team and get a 3 Person Male or 3 Person Female team registration for FREE!!! Offer good for any of the US event locations. Get your teams registered! http://xtremetopbox.com/register.  This is a limited time offer until October 9th, no discount code needed. If you have any questions feel free to contact us here or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/XtremeTopBoxThrowdown

Tips for Grip StrengthRings, barbells, kettle bells, oh my!  Your poor hands sometimes just can't hang with all of the training you put your body through.  Many times your grip is the weakest link holding you back from your best performance.  To avoid this from happening you need to get those hands trained.  Here are a few training tips to help.

Hanging- jump on the rig and hold on as long as you can.  The goal is to hold on longer every time you do this.  Be sure to wrap your thumbs around the bar for a good challenge and no suicide grip.  To take your challenge a little further, wrap towels over the bar and hold on the ends. Ouch!

Farmer Carry- this doesn't have to be with a kettle bell. Using a hook grip on any barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, or even gallon jugs, and carrying them as far as you can without dropping can strengthen fingers, hands, forearms, and even shoulders.

Plate pinch- use plates with a flat backs facing each other so the flat side is facing outward.  You can either hold then for time or do a farmer carry.

Forearm Curls- either kettlebell a or Dumbbells with work for this exercise.  Holding your arms at a 90 degree angle, curl at your fingertips and wrists.  This will also strengthen your fingers hands and forearms.

Training your grip and forearms will give you just a bit more advantage on the bar or whatever your workout is.  Just a few minutes a day 2-3 times a week will show a lot of improvement  in your performance in the gym and at home with the large load of groceries from the car to the kitchen.

What techniques have you used to improve your grip strength? Are you competing in one of our 8 competitions around the world? Check it out and register for the cty nearest you!!

ring mucle up crossfit competition

If you are an avid sports fan of any time you have more than likely seen some sort of taping on athletes. This is called kinesio taping method. This is becoming bigger in most athletes from professional to amateur.

What is kinesio tape method? This was first developed by Japanese doctor Kenzo Kase in 1979. Kase was a chiropractor who invented the tape to aid in therapy between patient visits. Kinesio tape is made of 100% elastic fibers in a wave like pattern that stretches in a longitudinal plane. This tape can be used for a wide range of ailments from chronic pain to menstral cramps.

Kinesio tape can be a huge asset to the amateur athlete. This is especially helpful for an upcoming event. In case of sudden injury kinesio tape can be applied during an event or workout to prevent further damage. This is like a band aid until you can make a visit to the doctor. There are different tension strengths to the kinesio tape to help support tendons and ligaments in the affected area.

As an athlete, keeping your body healthy and taken care of by a chiropractor, massage therapist, or physical therapist is essential for performance. Visit a professional with continued education on kinesio taping method by an approved CKTI. Your body with thank you!

Barbella Box - CrossFit monthly Box for women

Men have their grand selection of monthly box clubs to choose from such as "Dollar Shave Club", "Trunk Club" and even "Tasting Room" for wine lovers. This company we have partnered with is a genius and realized their was a need not being met out for women in the active lifestyle world.  They are creating boxes designed for women, by women, that require something a little different, specifically those who WOD on a regualr basis.

Barbella Box is a monthly package filled with premium Functional Fitness apparel, gear, accessories, snacks, supplements, workout tips, and more... exclusively for women delivered straight to your door. It's the perfect way to try brand-new products, snacks, and brands while also getting a mix of the ones you already love. Barbella Box is the perfect complement to your lifestyle… and for tomorrow’s WOD, of course.

Website: www.barbellabox.com

Instagram: @barbellabox

Facebook: www.facebook.com/barbellabox

If you want to see them in person they will also be a vendor at our Ft. Lauderdale Competition Event this year, register for the event here if you haven't yet!!

CrossFit Competitions Ft. LauderdaleThe 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games are now at an end but the training for many crossfit athletes is just beginning. The end of the games inspires a whole new type of athlete, an athlete that has more drive and determination to be that much better next year. The beauty of competition is that it makes the average athlete an even better athlete in many ways. 
Drive goes a long way when it comes to training for a competition. There are two types of drive, internal and external. Internal drive is that voice and motivation inside that pushes you to do better, perform harder, and lift heavier and is the best way an athlete improves in every area of CrossFit. External drive is that push you get from other athletes to help you keep going. This can come from athletes, coaches, family, and in some cases even fans. No matter where it comes from, that drive to make yourself better as a competitive athlete can be a powerful tool.
CrossFit covers every aspect of fitness and will push an athlete to their limits. Many will quit, but for the competitive athlete quitting is not an option. The key to becoming better than you were before is working on your weaknesses. Every CrossFitter has an area that they can dominate a WOD (workout of the day), but until you can do just as good in an area that is your Achilles Heal, you will plateau in your training. Working on your weaknesses is another way to make you a more well rounded athlete and can make you stronger in every lift and movement in Crossfit. While working on weaknesses can make you stronger all around, it will also give you more confidence to be a better athlete. 
Training for a competition takes hard work and discipline. It's important to follow whatever program you have and stay focused on training hard. Maintaining discipline in the gym makes it clear to others that you are a serious athlete and in turn you become a role model for others to become better athletes. This doesn't just apply to the gym. Discipline in the kitchen and your everyday activities are a big part of becoming a strong athlete. Eating a proper diet can make a huge difference in your progress and recovery. 

crossfit competition tips rx scaled team individual groupCrossfit inspired functional fitness competitions are popular everywhere across the world at every level of fitness. While there are many competition options for an athlete at every level of Crossfit, there are many athletes that prefer one type of competition over another. For many reasons athletes will choose individual over group competitions and vise versa. There are a few key differences to think about when deciding to choose individual or team.

Choosing your team vs. going it alone:

- Your level of competitiveness will determine two things: First, if you choose to compete individually or as a team, and second, if you choose team, how you choose your teammates. Every  athlete wants to see how fit they are, this is why they enter into competitions in the first place. One athlete may choose a team of others that are just as fit and competitive as he/she is. Another may choose a group of friends because they just want to have fun while doing something they love together. The individual typically chooses to go it alone for reasons such as his/her a competitive drive, to see how his/her performance compares to another on their level, or to prove to themselves that they can do an

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