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Greg Glassman: The King of Fitness

Greg Glassman

Elvis Presley: King of Rock & Roll; Michael Jackson: King of Pop; Celia Cruz: Queen of Salsa; Aretha Franklin: Queen of Soul. Just as these icons of the music indiustry have established their royalty status and are forever engrained into the annals of music history, Greg Glassman has solidified his status as the King of Fitness. No he is not the fittest man on earth. No he did not invent exercises such as the squat, deadlift or muscle-ups. But what he has done is create a fitness community that transends every geographical boarder on evry continesnt and nation on the planet. His kingdom is expansive, diverse and completly loyal to its King. In the field of fitness, Greg Glassman has taken physical fitness from the confines of a gym and turned it into a globally popular spectator sports.

Gregg Glassman is amazingly cool and genuine. He holds no punches and does not give any double talk, when he speaks. With him you get what you get without any diplomatic airbrushing. This man has revolutionized the modern fitness world with the most fundamental fitness model and has taken it to all regions in the world. Yet, he remains true to himself, unabashed and humble.


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