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5 Differences in Team CrossFit Competitions vs Individual Events

crossfit competition tips rx scaled team individual groupCrossfit inspired functional fitness competitions are popular everywhere across the world at every level of fitness. While there are many competition options for an athlete at every level of Crossfit, there are many athletes that prefer one type of competition over another. For many reasons athletes will choose individual over group competitions and vise versa. There are a few key differences to think about when deciding to choose individual or team.

Choosing your team vs. going it alone:

- Your level of competitiveness will determine two things: First, if you choose to compete individually or as a team, and second, if you choose team, how you choose your teammates. Every  athlete wants to see how fit they are, this is why they enter into competitions in the first place. One athlete may choose a team of others that are just as fit and competitive as he/she is. Another may choose a group of friends because they just want to have fun while doing something they love together. The individual typically chooses to go it alone for reasons such as his/her a competitive drive, to see how his/her performance compares to another on their level, or to prove to themselves that they can do an

RX individual competition.

Individual training vs team training:

- Every crossfit athlete loves the sense of community the sport creates, however, some prefer to train on their own. Individual competitors feel they get more focus on the competition and training when working out on their own. Some tend to get a program either from a Crossfit website or one that is written for them by a coach or trainer. On the other hand their is something to be said about training with a team. Not only is it a more friendly workout session but it is also a time to encourage your team mates and push themselves to limits they may not push to on their own. Team training is also a way to ease new competitors into competition training.

Being a well rounded individual athlete vs being a well rounded team of athletes:

- Every crossfit athlete has their strengths and weaknesses. Let's face it, we can't all be Rich Froning or Matt Fraser. This creates a lot more pressure for someone doing individual competitions. As an individual athlete there is a lot to fit into training to be ready for anything that individual competitions comes up with. There is a little less pressure for those on a team. If you have the right team, you can each bring strength in all areas such as gymnastics, strength, speed, and agility.

Self reliance vs Team reliance:

- In life, we face challenges and set goals that can be a lot easier to accomplish if we share these with friends and people who are like minded. This same concept can be applied in Crossfit when we share common fitness and challenge goals with our team members. We can rely on one another for support and encouragement to reach not only our team goals, but individual ones as well. Individual athletes, on the other hand, rely on self motivation and discipline to reach their fitness goals and overcome their own challenges. For those who choose this strategy, it can be very rewarding to reach or exceed their personal best and then set new goals and create new strategies to continually grow and improve in their Crossfit skills.

Choosing to compete is a great way to see how far you can push yourself, both mentally and physically. Choosing to go team or solo can be tricky but either way is going to be an experience. "What kind of athlete are you?" That is the question you should be asking yourself when choosing to register for team or individual competitions. Are you better on your own or do you perform better as a team? Seems like a lot to think about but hopefully knowing these key differences helps in your decision.

In the end, the major key is to have fun!
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