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4 Tips on improving Grip Strength

Tips for Grip StrengthRings, barbells, kettle bells, oh my!  Your poor hands sometimes just can't hang with all of the training you put your body through.  Many times your grip is the weakest link holding you back from your best performance.  To avoid this from happening you need to get those hands trained.  Here are a few training tips to help.

Hanging- jump on the rig and hold on as long as you can.  The goal is to hold on longer every time you do this.  Be sure to wrap your thumbs around the bar for a good challenge and no suicide grip.  To take your challenge a little further, wrap towels over the bar and hold on the ends. Ouch!

Farmer Carry- this doesn't have to be with a kettle bell. Using a hook grip on any barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, or even gallon jugs, and carrying them as far as you can without dropping can strengthen fingers, hands, forearms, and even shoulders.

Plate pinch- use plates with a flat backs facing each other so the flat side is facing outward.  You can either hold then for time or do a farmer carry.

Forearm Curls- either kettlebell a or Dumbbells with work for this exercise.  Holding your arms at a 90 degree angle, curl at your fingertips and wrists.  This will also strengthen your fingers hands and forearms.

Training your grip and forearms will give you just a bit more advantage on the bar or whatever your workout is.  Just a few minutes a day 2-3 times a week will show a lot of improvement  in your performance in the gym and at home with the large load of groceries from the car to the kitchen.

What techniques have you used to improve your grip strength? Are you competing in one of our 8 competitions around the world? Check it out and register for the cty nearest you!!

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